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CapitalFlow is our Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) training and networking community for SBRE entrepreneurs. With CapitalFlow membership, you gain the expert tools and resources to empower you to more efficiently and successfully raise capital for your SBRE business.

Learn strategies and tactics from the experts

Fairway America Founder and CEO Matt Burk

We here at Fairway America, the founders of SBREfunds.com, have been managing Small Balance Real Estate funds for over 20 years. Through CapitalFlow, we’ve pooled our knowledge with that of other experts in the space so that SBRE entrepreneurs like you benefit from the shared expertise of all. Use our webinars, articles, blog posts, and in-depth training courses to raise more capital and source deals. Plus, you get a behind-the-scenes look at our own capital raising efforts through CapitalRaise TV.

Get discounts, leads, and more

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SBRE Investment Summit: Dallas 2015

Receive steep discounts on our events. Choose our Professional or Enterprise plans to receive High Net Worth Leads. (You choose a list of zip codes in the U.S. you want leads in and we send you a list of people who have recently had liquidity events of $250K or more in those areas.) Increase your chances of an investment in your opportunity by Fairway America – when considering opportunities, we give preference to our CapitalFlow members.

Learn the top SBRE business trends and insights

As fund administrators for several funds across the U.S., we have access to a lot of data in the Small Balance Real Estate space. We’ll give you our insights on the latest trends, what we think they mean, and what actions you may need to take to mitigate risk. Plus, you can take a look at the macro-level data too if you’re interested.

Top tools and resources

As a CapitalFlow member, you can access the following expert resources:

  • Weekly CapitalRaise TV episodes: We take 5-10 minutes to go behind the scenes of Fairway America’s capital raising efforts
  • Monthly ShopTalk calls: Q&A sessions with SBRE experts from Fairway America and elsewhere
  • Quarterly educational webinars
  • The Fund Launch On-Ramp course
  • An invitation to attend the annual CapitalFlow Conference at a steep discount
  • Quarterly Business Plan Review with Fairway America’s Managing Director
  • The chance to purchase one of 25 available general admission registrations to an upcoming SBRE Investment Summit
  • First priority for investment consideration in your deal by Fairway America
  • High net worth leads with the Professional or Enteprise membership plans
  • And more!

Learn from the masters: Choose the membership plan option that suits your business

Choose between our Basic, Professional, and Enterprise CapitalFlow membership plans based on whether you want to receive leads on high net worth investors and how many user accounts you want for your business.


  • Gain full access to all educational resources with one user account.


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  • Gain full access to all educational resources with one user account.
  • Receive 10 leads on high net worth investors.


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  • Gain full access to all educational resources for up to 5 user accounts.
  • Receive 20 leads on high net worth investors.


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