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Colonial Impact Fund II, LLC

Non-Broker Vetted

Opportunity Overview

  • Asset Type:
  • Strategy Type:
  • Income Type:
    Income & Growth
  • Minimum Investment:
  • Capital Raised:
  • Target Return:
    up to 6.5% above Preferred Rate of Return

Investment Highlights

  • One of the critical elements that any private placement of this nature seeks to build is a significant disposition network in which to place the assets. Being able to fluidly and readily trade assets from the fund (after the fund has acquired the assets) is a critical component towards creating the projected returns and cash flows to not only reward our investors, but to sustain the operation of the fund. However, very few funds have developed the effective private downstream investor market that we have been able to painstakingly develop the past 25 years. Our history of working with private investors is vast. We have been selling discounted loans to private investors for more than 25 years.
  • Discounted loans have long been attractive to private investors as they seek to grow their personal portfolio whether through tax-qualified or non-tax qualified entities. It is that sizeable source of “downstream” investors that not only do we continue to grow but that consistently acquires additional assets from us on a one-off or small portfolio basis. As a management team, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such trusted relationships. While we are always comfortable “going long” (or holding an asset to maturity), the ability to resell assets in a relatively quick fashion is a very powerful liquidation tool we plan to fully leverage as one way, although a significant way, to provide you, our investor, with the returns you are seeking from the fund.
  • We don’t take this private direct asset model for granted and continue to invest in the necessary business infrastructure to make certain it continues to remain a viable exit model for years, and market conditions, to come. This is in part why our sister company to Colonial Capital Management, NoteSchool, provides such high quality education to not only our downstream direct note buyers, but also to enhance the understanding of our passive investors, like you, that select Colonial Impact Fund-II to become part of their portfolio. We believe the more educated you are about the underlying assets we procure, the more comfortable you are with our fund and the meaning it will have to your overall private investment portfolio.
  • Colonial Impact Fund-II has been born for the needs of our discerning and loyal accredited investors. We listened carefully to what our investors were seeking in terms of diversification, risk-blended verticals, liquidity, and flexibility all with attractive risk-adjusted returns. We have systematic ways of keeping ongoing communications going with our investors, not just during the initial funding process, but throughout the entire relationship. We know our success lies in the goodwill of our investors and in order to continue to earn your trust and repeat business, we have to do things differently than most funds our size can or even attempt to do.
  • We hope that you will see the features we have incorporated into Colonial Impact Fund-II are worthy of your consideration. Further, we trust you will enjoy working with us, attending the live educational events we host regularly throughout the country, joining our special fund investor only VIP functions, and attending our regular webinars.

Asset-Level Information

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