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SBRE Advisory & Consulting Services
with Fairway America

Put the brains behind to work to help you raise capital.

Who is Fairway America?

Photo of the Fairway America team. From left to right: Darris Cassidy, Lance Pederson, Matt Burk, and Jay Zollinger.

The Fairway America Leadership Team

We here at Fairway America are the brains behind We have been launching and funding our own Small Balance Real Estate funds since 2001. We are the largest investor in the Small Balance Real Estate space, and we actively administer over 30 Small Balance Real Estate funds other than our own.

How can Fairway America help you maximize income from your opportunity?

We offer an expansive suite of advisory and consulting services to Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) entrepreneurs. Whether you need help determining if an SBRE fund is compatible with your asset model or are looking for an expert partner to walk you through every step of the fund creation and administration process, we can help.

SBRE Fund Architecture and Formation

Maximize the capital you can raise by working with us to structure and administer your SBRE fund.

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Fund Financial Modeling

Photo of a man looking at a computer screen.

Choose Fairway America to create fund financial models that use the key variables of your business model to identify the optimal fund structure for your business.

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Private Placement Memorandum Review

Photo of PPM documents.

Have SBRE industry expert and Fairway America founder Matt Burk review your documents to suggest the revisions intended to ensure your opportunity attracts high net worth investors.

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Fund Administration Services

Hire the Small Balance Real Estate experts here at Fairway America to administer your fund.

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Alternative Investment Product Platform Setup

Photo of man reviewing paper documents.

Work with Fairway America to get your fund on the major custodial platforms that investment advisors and investors rely on when making portfolio investments.

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High Net Worth Lead Subscriptions

Photo of a man mid golf swing.

Make sure you never run out of leads to raise capital for your Small Balance Real Estate opportunity.

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Ralph Abbott, President | Prospera Advisory Group have been invaluable…they understand exactly what I am going through because they’ve been there!


Blake Hansen, Managing Partner | Alturas Capital

We considered raising outside capital for a number of years, but struggled to find the best advice about starting a fund, even among experience attorneys. Fortunately, we discovered Fairway America, and relied on their expert advice and years of experience to ensure our fund was set up right.  Their practical knowledge saved us tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees and countless hours of time.

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