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High Net Worth Lead Subscription Program

Make sure you never run out of leads to raise capital for your Small Balance Real Estate opportunity with our High Net Worth Lead Subscription program.

You have exhausted leads to be found through your existing network

At one point or another, many SBRE entrepreneurs struggle to raise capital once they’ve tapped all possible leads within their existing network. Even if all the contacts in your network contribute capital, that may not be sufficient to fully fund your opportunity.

Choose from our three subscription plans

Get leads on high net worth investors near you delivered weekly

Every day of the year, there is someone in your area that has just increased his or her liquid assets through a liquidity event, such as the sale of a private business or winning the lottery. Each week, we track liquidity events throughout the U.S., identifying events greater than $250,000 in the prior week (what we and others in the industry refer to as “money in motion” leads). When you sign up for one of our three monthly subscription plans, you will receive a list of these leads on a weekly basis.

Benefits of our High Net Worth Lead Subscription Program

  • Receive the most recent leads weekly so that you can show them the value of your opportunity as soon as possible.
  • Get additional information about your leads: Our research desk will help you dig up the additional information you need about your leads.
  • CapitalFlow membership is included: We’ll give you CapitalFlow Basic membership with 5 user accounts with your High Net Worth Lead Subscription.

Why Fairway America?

Photo of the Fairway America team. From left to right: Darris Cassidy, Lance Pederson, Matt Burk, and Jay Zollinger.

The Fairway America team

Fairway America has been launching and funding its own Small Balance Real Estate funds since 2001. We will use our 20+ years of expertise in raising capital to identify the high net worth leads that are truly worthy of your attention.

Choose your High Net Worth Leads Subscription plan

Choose the subscription plan with the quantity of leads appropriate for your business.

50 leads per month


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75 leads per month


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100 leads per month


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