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Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Review

Don’t lose any more time and money on a private placement memorandum that is not compelling. Have SBRE industry expert Matt Burk review your documents to suggest the revisions that will ensure your opportunity attracts high net worth investors.

Your current PPM isn’t drawing attention from high net worth investors

You decided to start your own fund and you worked with a local law firm to put together the offering documents, but you can’t get enough high net worth investors interested in your offering. The attorney you’re working with can ensure your documents conform with security laws, but they can’t provide you clear direction about how to structure your offering to attract investors. They look to you to provide the fund’s selling points.

Let us help you restructure your PPM to position your fund for success

With our experience launching seven of our own funds and helping over 70 others structure compelling offerings, we can review your documents and provide critical feedback about where your fund is losing the interest of investors. Whether your documents have already been completed or you’re in the middle of drafting them, we can provide you with the critical information you need to have your attorney amend your offering so that it sells investors on your fund.

Benefits of having Fairway America review your PPM

Fairway America Founder and CEO Matt Burk

  • Gain access to the recognized authority in the Small Balance Real Estate space: Work directly with Fairway America founder and CEO Matt Burk.
  • Receive honest and unbiased feedback that balances your needs with your prospective investors’ needs to set you on a path to effectively raise capital.
  • Save on additional legal expenses caused by multiple rounds of revisions: We mark up your original PPM and document all our comments so you can take them directly to your attorney without worrying that our feedback will get lost in translation.
  • Come away with a greater understanding of your offering documents so that you can sell your offering with greater confidence.

Why Fairway America?

Photo of the Fairway America team. From left to right: Darris Cassidy, Lance Pederson, Matt Burk, and Jay Zollinger.

The Fairway America team

Fairway America is the largest investor in the Small Balance Real Estate space. We have launched our own funds and helped over 70 others structure compelling funds. We will use our 20+ years of expertise in fund management to help you optimally structure your offering to grab investors’ attention.

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