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Small Balance Real Estate Fund Financial Modeling

Discover whether you have a financially sound model for a Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) fund.

You are not sure if you should create an SBRE fund given your existing business model

You are doing enough Small Balance Real Estate deals that you are considering creating a Small Balance Real Estate fund, but you are unsure how restructuring your business around a fund will impact your finances. You are not sure how best to accurately calculate the potential risks and rewards of different fund structures.

Use Fairway America’s fund financial modeling to determine whether an SBRE fund is right for your business

Through our 20+ years of experience in the Small Balance Real Estate space, we have created a framework that allows us and the entrepreneurs we work with to see how a fund will perform based on certain key variables. We will meet with you to discover the types of deals you are already doing and analyze your existing business model to identify those key variables. Your final Fund Financial Model will not only tell you whether an SBRE fund is right for your business, but if it is, the optimal fund structure for your business.

Benefits of having Fairway America create your Fund Financial Model

Photo of Fairway America COO Lance Pederson.

Fairway America COO Lance Pederson

  • Make a decision based on hard data: The data in our Fund Financial Model will reveal whether or not you have a workable fund offering. If your business model really isn’t compatible with the SBRE fund framework, the data will show it.
  • Change the variables yourself to test different outcomes: We provide the initial Fund Financial Model, but we give you access to the data so you can change variables as you so choose to see how changing your business model or aspects of the fund structure would affect performance.
  • Work with Lance Pederson, SBRE industry veteran: Lance has been with Fairway America since our inception in 2008. He has extensive experience with financial modeling both inside and outside the industry. He will explain your Fund Financial Model in clear language you can easily understand.
  • Come away knowing how to optimally structure your fund: Our Fund Financial Model will help you identify the best way to do deals and to structure your fund for maximum income.

Why Fairway America?

Photo of the Fairway America team. From left to right: Darris Cassidy, Lance Pederson, Matt Burk, and Jay Zollinger.

The Fairway America team

We have been launching and raising capital for our own Small Balance Real Estate funds since 2001. We also administrate over 70 other funds. Our unique insight into the market and how these models play out in the real world means we can help you create a model that will maximize your income while still making sure you structure your fund in a way that will attract investors.

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